Wildlife Crossings

In “Banff Wildlife Crossings”, the artist depicts Banff National Park from the point of view of both humans and bears. Alberta’s Banff National Park is home to an amazing and healthy wildlife population and is a world-renowned outdoors destination. In this colourful and playful series, the painter draws our attention to the delicate balance of our desire to venture out into the wilderness and the need to protect the park’s wildlife and pristine vegetation. Since its creation, Banff National Park has welcomed and awed countless artists, nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and folks from all over the world, all of whom have been profoundly moved by such beauty. However, as automobiles drive through the park, far too many tragic road encounters with animals occur. Thanks to dedicated and tireless minds, a series of impressive structures have been built to allow bears and other animals to move around safely with greater freedom. These are the Banff Wildlife Crossings. Through her whimsical paintings of these crossings, the artist invites the viewers to step into each canvas. She wishes to communicate her joy and passion for painting, her deep love for Banff National Park, and most importantly, her belief that respecting and safeguarding this priceless ecosystem is paramount. After all, as represented in her artwork, humans and wildlife share this intimate space.

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